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Licences and enforcements

We're responsible for managing the issue of licences for siting skips, scaffolds and hoardings and building materials within the limits of the public highway.

We are interested in ensuring the rights of all categories of highways users are protected and matters of safety and traffic flow are properly considered.

This also applies to vehicle access, which is also called footway crossings or dropped kerbs.

Highway definition

The term “highway” usually refers to any surface between adjacent boundaries (fences, walls and hedges) including the road (or carriageway), pavement (or footway), cycleway or grass verge.

Public rights of way (public footpaths, bridleways, Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs) and Roads Used As Public Paths (RUPPs) are also classed as “highways”.

We have powers via the Highways Act 1980 to approve or refuse sitings and also to pursue removal if our conditions are not observed.

Report a road fault

If you are unsure if your proposed action might affect the highway or if you wish to tell us about an enforcement issue, please report it to us.

Report a road fault