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Roadside catering vehicles

Currently we do not give specific consent or charge traders in respect of roadside catering vehicles.

Any operator should, however, be aware of and bear in mind the following when considering such an operation:

  • no units are allowed in lay-bys on dual carriageways
  • there shall only be one vending unit on any site at any one time - trading or non-trading
  • the unit should be truly mobile, that is, self-propelled or towable on its chassis
  • the unit shall not conflict with any form of traffic regulation order
  • it shall not cause or give rise to road safety concerns
  • it shall not cause any damage to the highway or interfere with the free and safe flow of traffic
  • all waste and liquids shall be kept off the highway at all times and litter removed from the lay-by at the end of each opening period of business
  • the unit shall be sited behind the kerb line leaving at least 1.5m between it and the highway to provide a pedestrian safety margin - this shall also apply to any Portaloo or waste containers
  • the operator is responsible for complying with planning legislation, environmental health and any other legislative requirements
  • should any damage occur to the highway, for example, HGVs overrunning which could be attributable to the vending operation or should the area of highway be required by us for highway maintenance purposes, the vendor will be required to vacate the site on a permanent or temporary basis - likewise, in the event of any occurrence related to the vending operation which could be considered to be prejudicial to highway safety
  • any operator should be aware that in the event the vehicle causes an obstruction the police have the power to move the operator on
  • it must be understood that the 'pitch' does not become the property of a trader and no rights are acquired thorough length of use
  • no nuisance shall be caused to adjoining landowners or persons
  • units should not be sited near any residential property
  • should we receive any complaints, these will be investigated and you may be required to remove the unit from the site with immediate effect

These are in addition to obtaining planning permission from the relevant district or borough council where this is required. Where planning permission is granted this does not override any of the criteria.