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Do you need a licence? Many business activities are subject to licensing or registration. Most of these are administered by district or borough councils.

We are a licensing authority for the following activities.

Animal movement

All movements of cattle, deer, sheep, goats and pigs are controlled by a general licence.

Storing fireworks (and certain other explosives)

Most premises used for the storage of fireworks require an explosives licence. Premises at which certain other explosives are kept may also be subject to explosives licensing.

Find out about storing explosives and applying for a licence.

Selling fireworks throughout the year

Fireworks may only be supplied during permitted periods of the year, unless the supplier holds an annual licence permitting the sale of fireworks at other times. This is a separate and additional requirement to holding an explosives storage licence.

Find out about storing explosives and applying for a licence.

Petroleum spirit

We are the petroleum enforcement authority for the county and we're responsible for issuing petroleum storage certificates to petrol filling stations and private sites where petroleum is kept for dispensing into vehicles.

A person keeping petrol under certain other storage arrangements may need to hold a licence for that purpose.

Find out more about the services carried out by Trading Standards.

Public highway licences

We issue licences for skips, scaffolds, hoardings and building materials on the public highway. We also issue licences for road closures, temporary traffic lights and street cafés.