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Temporary obstructions of the highway

Before any items such as scaffolds, hoarding, temporary fencing, cherry picker, mobile platform or crane can be placed on the public highway, the provider must apply to us for a permit.

A permit will only be issued to the company responsible for putting up the item.

Apply for a temporary obstruction to the highway

If you're a member of public and want to place one of these items on the highway you should contact a provider of your choice. You can find these using Trusted Trader.

If you're a provider that's been issued with a company ID number, you can submit a permit request using the form on this page.

If you've not been issued with a company ID, you will need to register your company and supply evidence of your public liability insurance. Complete the highways company registration form. This form can be used for all of the listed items. We'll contact you to confirm registration.

An application form must be completed no less than 7 working days before it is intended to place the item on the highway. A marked photo or location plan would assist us in processing your permit application.

An item must not be placed on the highway until written permission has been given.

Any scaffold, hoarding or temporary fencing found on the highway without a licence will incur a cost of £50 to cover administration fees plus £93 (the usual cost of a licence). Any other temporary item may also incur an additional cost of £50 plus the usual licence fee.

The company responsible for erecting the item must provide evidence of public liability insurance cover of not less than £5 million before any item can be placed on the highway.

Conditions for placing a scaffold or hoarding on the highway

The conditions are detailed in our standard conditions attached to this page, or by contacting Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190.


A permit to place a scaffold or hoarding, or temporary fencing on the highway is £93 per application.

Extensions may be permitted at our discretion and will incur a further fee of £55 per extension.

A permit for mobile scaffolds, cherry pickers, platforms or cranes that are to be removed overnight is £10 per day.

These fees are non-returnable.

Payment is to be made at the time of application.

How long a permit lasts

A permit for a scaffold, hoarding or temporary fencing can last for up to a maximum of 14 days on any class road.

If a scaffold or hoarding is required for a longer period than this, then a further application must be made for consideration and an additional fee will be charged.

Permits for all other temporary items to be removed overnight last one day per application.


Any complaints about the location or safety of an item on the highway should be reported to us.