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Our journey to net zero carbon

Reducing the amount of carbon emissions generated in Derbyshire isn’t something we can do on our own. We need the whole county to get involved.

Journey to Net Zero DerbyshireOver the coming months and years we’ll be working with people in our communities, businesses, local councils, interest groups and Government to radically reduce carbon emissions across the county.

Find out more about our climate change challenge.

We’re working on our Climate Change Strategy for Derbyshire which will be published later this year. It will set out where in the county our carbon emissions come from and which parts of our everyday lives we need to change to address this. 

As well as carrying out work to better understand the risks associated with climate change in Derbyshire, we’ll also be focusing on adaptation. That means looking at what we need to do to prepare for the effects of climate change, such as extreme weather, and build resilience in our communities.  We’ll also be looking at what natural assets Derbyshire has, such as soil, minerals, air and water – what it needs more of, and what we need to put in place and where to make sure we replace them when we use them. This will include planting a million trees to help off-set the county’s carbon emissions.

You can also find out what we’ve done so far to help cut carbon emissions in our timeline.

Find out how you can get involved.