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Environment policy

We're committed to putting the principles of sustainable development into action in everything we do.

Promoting a better quality of life for Derbyshire communities, encouraging sustainable development and protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment are the cornerstones of sustainable development.

This is reflected in our Council Plan which incorporates environmental protection, conservation and enhancement.

To assist this process, we have produced a corporate environment policy which sets out our aims and promises.

The policy was approved on 19 December 2023 by Councillor Barry Lewis - Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Leadership, Culture, Tourism and Climate Change.

Corporate environment policy

We are committed to championing, protecting and enhancing the natural and built environment for long-term public benefit. Underpinning this commitment, we recognise the principles of the United Nations sustainable development goals in managing the sustainable delivery of all our services, activities and in making Derbyshire a place:

  • with resilient, healthy and safe communities
  • with high performing, value for money and resident focused services
  • with effective early help for individuals and communities
  • that is prosperous and green

We recognise the impacts we have on the natural and built environment and society as a major service provider and employer. We are committed to minimising adverse impacts, whilst building resilience to the changing climate and seeking to conserve and enhance the county's landscape, biodiversity and the quality of life of the population.

This policy will be communicated to our employees and contractors working for us or on our behalf to continually improve standards across service delivery. We will encourage and enable our employees to translate these commitments into practice and will work with our contractors and suppliers to improve our environmental performance.

We will engage, collaborate and communicate with our partners, other sectors, communities and residents to support and progress our environmental commitments, recognising that a joined up whole-of-society approach is required to face the challenges and create the best outcomes.

We will continue to monitor our environmental performance by setting organisational objectives and targets, and we will review and report on our progress.

In updating and reissuing the corporate environment policy, we are publicly setting out our commitment to continual improvement in all aspects of environmental performance.

In everything we do, we are committed to

Tackling the causes and adapting to the effects of climate change

Identifying, promoting and delivering solutions and practices to achieve our net zero target by 2032 or sooner, and building resilience to the changing climate within our communities, service delivery and the natural and built environment.

Championing, protecting and enhancing Derbyshire's natural and built environment

Enabling nature recovery, conserving and enhancing biodiversity and promoting 'nature connectedness' within our communities and assisting with the best possible stewardship of Derbyshire's unique natural and cultural heritage, for the wellbeing of residents and local economies.

Minimising consumption and waste to encourage circular economy principles

Using fewer resources, reducing waste, reusing resources, buying recycled and recyclable materials, recycling and composting where possible. Managing all waste in compliance with our duty of care obligations.

Minimising pollution

Minimising, with the goal of eliminating, the release of any pollutant which may cause damage to health or the environment whether to air, land or water.

Ensuring our purchasing power is used to positively influence supply chains

Embedding sustainability and social value into procurement practices and promoting local service delivery where possible.

Using energy and water efficiently in our buildings and operations

Auditing and continually improving the measurement and monitoring of energy and water consumption across our estate to inform and implement energy and water efficiency practices.

Implementing the environment policy and fostering a culture of responsibility at all levels

Raising awareness, educating and training all employees, and those working on our behalf.

We will do this by

Partnership working

Working closely with employees, our suppliers, other organisations, interested groups and individuals.

Legal compliance

Complying with relevant environmental legislation, council policies and other commitments and striving to deliver best practice.

Environmental management systems

Promoting, operating and extending processes to control, monitor and continually improve our environmental performance and reporting on progress.

Policy review

Reviewing this environment policy every 3 years in view of changes to our activities and priorities and taking account of new local, national and international developments.