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Environment policy

We're committed to putting the principles of sustainable development into action in everything we do.

Promoting a better quality of life for Derbyshire communities, encouraging sustainable economic regeneration and protecting and enhancing the environment are the cornerstones of sustainable development.

This is reflected in our Council Plan which incorporates environmental protection, conservation and enhancement.

To assist this process we have produced an environment policy which sets out our aims and promises.

What we are committed to

Energy and water

Using energy and water efficiently in our operations.


Identifying, adopting and promoting technologies to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, within our properties and the wider community.

Minimising, and where possible, eliminating the release of any pollutant which may cause damage to health and the environment.


Reducing the social and environmental impacts of road vehicles on council business. Encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport for all journeys.


Minimising waste by the best practicable environmental option by eliminating, reducing, reusing, composting and recycling.

Managing unavoidable waste in accordance with our duty of care obligations.

Natural and built environment

Protecting, conserving and enhancing the environment including landscape character, habitats and heritage. Promoting bio-diversity and local distinctiveness and the conservation of both renewable and non-renewable resources.

Environmental education

Raising awareness, educating and training employees and providing information to the public on environmental policies, practices and issues.

Purchasing and contracts

Ensuring that our purchasing power is used to reduce negative environmental impacts and to improve the environmental standards of products and services the council purchases.

Environmental assessment

Minimising the risk of damage and maximising opportunities for improving the environment by assessing our policies and practices for their environmental effects and adopting technologies and working practices which have the greatest benefit for sustainable development.