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What we can and can't accept at our recycling centres

A list of materials accepted at our sites is listed on this page.

What we can't accept

  • waste from a commercial business − your district council and private waste collection companies provide commercial collection services, subject to a charge
  • waste left with a householder by a tradesperson - always ask a tradesperson to include waste disposal in their quote
  • waste from charities
  • tree trunks and branches over 150mm diameter
  • scrap vehicles and vehicle parts except tyres (up to 4 from a domestic vehicle) and vehicle batteries
  • items of fitted furniture or units (complete or disassembled)
    • kitchen units
    • whole bathroom suites
    • fitted wardrobes
  • more than 2 window frames (with or without glass) or 2 doors from a DIY project
  • waste arising from the demolition of greenhouses
  • waste arising from construction, demolition or replacement of wooden garden sheds, fencing or decking
  • soiled pet bedding or pet litter - this is primarily due to the health risks posed to site staff who may come into contact with it - our staff routinely open bags brought in to check for recyclables and if they come into contact with soiled pet litter, not only is it highly unpleasant, there's also a risk of contracting diseases such as Toxoplasmosis
  • Christmas cards and wrapping paper for recycling - this can't be sent for recycling due to the likely presence of glitter, glue, ribbon, plastic and sellotape
  • clinical waste - your district or borough council will operate a collection service for this type of waste
  • gas cylinders
    • branded caravan or boat gas cylinders (Calor Gas for example) - visit Liquid Gas for disposal information
    • cylinders containing commercial type gases such as those used for welding
    • medical gas cylinders such as those containing oxygen should be returned to the medical facility which issued them
    • fire extinguishers - extinguishers which originated in a commercial business premise should be disposed through a private sector hazardous waste disposal contractor

What we can accept

  • furniture - don't forget that furniture may be suitable for reuse, see our furniture recycling page for more info.
  • electrical appliances, TVs, computer equipment, fridges and freezers:
    • please make sure that all personal data is removed from items such as PCs, laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets and sat navs
    • all electrical equipment brought into our sites will be segregated and sent for recycling in accordance with environmental regulations
  • wood - small amounts from minor domestic repairs
  • chipboard - small amounts from minor domestic repairs
  • green garden waste
  • old clothes and textiles
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles and containers
  • automotive oil (a maximum of 5 litres)
  • excess bin waste
  • tyres - a maximum of 4 from a domestic vehicle
  • crockery
  • concrete, cement, mortar, rubble, ceramics soil and turf from households - maximum 50kgs (equivalent to 2 25kg sacks) per visit per week
  • carpet (one room)
  • asbestos
    • a maximum of 2 roofing sheets or 2 metres of downpipe (or equivalent) - please double wrap this material in plastic sheeting or bags and seal with tape before you bring it to site
    • when you arrive, please let a member of staff know you have asbestos
    • you should dampen the asbestos with water before lifting or moving it to help prevent the release of asbestos fibres - do not break or cut the asbestos to fit into plastic bags
    • no return to the site will be allowed
  • plasterboard and plasterboard products
    • a maximum of 50kgs (equivalent to 2 25kg sacks) per visit per week
    • sorry we do not accept whole sheets of plasterboard
    • please keep separate from all other materials
  • batteries - automotive and household
  • cooking oil
  • light bulbs
  • gas cylinders
    • unbranded caravan or boat cylinders - if you have a cylinder with no markings to identify its legal owner you can bring a maximum of 2 into our HWRCs within a calendar year
    • fire extinguishers specifically manufactured and sold for domestic household use, maximum size 2kg, a maximum of 2 extinguishers within a calendar year
    • camping gas stove cylinders - we'll accept a maximum of 4 of these cylinders, if possible please attach the cylinder to the stove and burn off any residual contents before bringing it to us for disposal
    • party balloon inflation cylinders - we'll accept household quantities of these cylinders
  • household chemicals:
    • small quantities of hazardous waste such as pesticides, mercury and petrol can be taken to our sites up to a maximum of 5 litres or 5kg
    • if you have a larger quantity or if you're unable to take it to our sites, please contact us for advice, email: or tel: 01629 538120
  • paint - you can bring household quantities of paint to any of our centres, but if the paint is still usable, please consider donating it to an organisation such as Community Repaint
  • mattresses
  • beverage and food cartons and paper containers with metal ends (we currently only have banks for these materials at Ashbourne, Bretby, Glossop, Loscoe, Northwood and Stonegravels HWRCs):
    • juice cartons including caps and straws
    • Pringles tubes (no plastic lids)
    • milk cartons including caps and straws
    • dough paper containers with metal ends
    • soup, tomatoes and other food cartons
    • other paper containers with metal ends (no plastic lids)
  • community equipment (Medequip) such as wheelchairs, Zimmer frames, walking sticks and toilet frames at 5 of our recycling centres - Loscoe, Stonegravels, Ashbourne, Northwood (Darley Dale) and Bolsover

Planning a major home or garden refurbishment?

If you're planning major refurbishment work to your house or garden, we recommend you consider hiring a skip as part of the project. If you do hire a skip and need to place it on the road check whether you need to apply for a permit.

Reusable items

You can also offer unwanted items on your local Freecycle or Freegle network. There are more ideas for disposing of reusable items in our A-Z guide on waste.

Further advice

For further information and advice please email: or Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190.