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A to Z guide on waste - A

Some ideas to help you decide what to do with your unwanted items.

Abandoned vehicles

If you've found an abandoned vehicle please contact your local district, borough or city council with the vehicle make, model, colour, condition and registration information.

The costs of removal, storage and final disposal are shared between the district or borough councils (the council collecting the vehicle) and us (the council disposing of the vehicle).


Acid is a hazardous waste. To find out more about disposing of acids, see hazardous waste.

Adhesive and glues

To reduce adhesives and gules:

  • buy what you need and use what you buy
  • buy water based glues
  • apply glue with a glue gun

Aerosol cans

Use kerbside collections where available - contact your local district, borough or city council for more information about kerbside collection schemes.

Take cans to recycling banks or household waste recycling centres in Derbyshire.

Asbestos (bonded only - no fibre or wool type)

Asbestos is not recycled, but you can dispose of small quantities from your house at our household waste recycling centres.

Asbestos should be double wrapped in plastic sheeting or bags but not deliberately broken up to assist transit. A maximum of 2 sheets or 2 metres of guttering or down pipe with no return visit to site allowed.

District councils will not accept requests for collection of asbestos.

For further advice please email: or tel: 01629 538120.


Add wood ash to your home compost bin or directly to the soil in your garden.

You can dispose of coal ash in your general waste bin.