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Portion control

No matter how healthily you eat, you can still put on weight if you’re eating too much of any sort of food.

Be portion size wise. why not join the Portion Size Wise challenge today? #PortionSizeWise

Did you know that overeating by just 100 calories a day can lead to an 11lb increase in weight in a year? That adds up to nearly 4 stone in just 5 years.

That's similar to carrying around a heavy suitcase every day!

To make matters worse, food serving sizes today are far bigger than they were 30 years ago - this means we're consuming a lot more calories than we used to.

In fact, many of us no longer know what makes a normal portion – a problem known as portion distortion.

That's why we've launched our portion control campaign and it all starts with a very simple message - be portion size wise.

We're encouraging everyone to be aware of how much they're eating and then ask themselves if it's the right amount or too much.

Portion control is not about stopping eating the foods you love. It’s not about staring sadly at a lettuce leaf and it's not about hard to follow diets.

It's simply about eating the food you enjoy - but just eating less of it.

Cutting down a bit can make a big difference to your weight and your overall health.

We've got tips to help you regain control over your portions whether you're shopping for food, eating in or dining out.

Why not test yourself to sticking to smaller portions for a fortnight, by signing up to our portion control pledge.

You can also get healthy eating and portion control hints, tips and advice by signing up to our Healthy Eating newsletter.