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Personal budgets

How personal budgets are calculated and can be managed.

If you've been assessed as meeting the eligibility for social care support, a personal budget will be calculated. This amount will be to help pay towards your care.

You will know up-front and early what your budget is likely to be. This is so you can begin to plan the support you need, with help, if you need it.

Budget calculations

To calculate your personal budget we've developed a resource allocation system, based on your assessed needs, which is a way of being able to calculate the budget someone might get. However, the final sum to be allocated to you will be finalised when a support plan has been agreed with you to meet your needs. The factsheets attached to this page will give you further information about this or you can talk to your worker.

How personal budgets can be managed

Personal budgets can be managed in a variety of ways.

A virtually managed budget

We can manage your personal budget and we'll arrange the support required. This is known as a 'virtually managed budget'.

A direct payment

If you choose to manage the budget yourself and arrange your own support to meet your needs and agreed outcomes, this is called a direct payment.

We'll provide information about what's available, but let you organise services and manage your budget on your own.

A combination

If you prefer you could have a combination of both a direct payment and a virtually managed budget. This is particularly useful if you want to use our in-house care services as well as other types of support. This is because it's not possible to 'buy' our services with a direct payment.