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Material may be loaned to other organisations or to the depositor of the records, usually for the purposes of an exhibition or for legal reasons.  

Arranging a loan

Please give as much notice as possible (at least four weeks in advance) when requesting a loan.  This gives us time to carry out all appropriate preparatory work, including a condition check and obtaining approval from the legal owner if necessary.

If an item is too fragile or too badly damaged or if appropriate safeguards cannot be put in place to protect the material the loan may not be able to proceed.  Where this is the case, a high quality reproduction will be offered instead, subject to the usual fees.

To enquire about the possibility of loaning an item, please complete the form below as this will form the basis of the Loan Agreement if the loan can go ahead.  This form includes the standard terms and conditions for loans from Derbyshire Record Office.

Length of loan

Material should be withdrawn only for the minimum amount of time required, and not usually for a period of longer than three months.


The standard fee is per item and generally covers staff time for arranging the withdrawal, including conservation assessment and preparation work, mounting, documentation, digitisation and packing.  It does not include hire of display cases, transportation or insurance.  See our charges and fees for current costs.

Further costs will be incurred where the documents are not returned in the condition in which they were withdrawn requiring additional preservation, conservation or archival (e.g. sorting) work.


You must undertake to cover all costs of repair work required as a result of the loan if the material is returned in a different condition to its withdrawal.  Insurance can arranged through a private insurance provider or the Government Indemnity Scheme.  We will determine the value of the item(s) involved and the owner of the material has final say as to the type of insurance required.

Insurance for loss is not required because the material cannot be replaced.

Transport and building security

Loaned items must at all times be kept in a suitable, safe and secure area, with reasonable environmental conditions and appropriate lighting arrangements.

Please see the facilities guidance from the UK Registrars Group for the kind of conditions that will be required.  Our Conservation Team can provide further advice.

Items on display

We encourage the use of display cases for items that are to be exhibited to protect material from wear and tear.  On some occasions this may be a condition of the loan.  Cases can be hired from the record office if necessary (see below).

Please use the laminated poster (below) or your own branded alternative to acknowledge the usual access arrangements for the material. 

Collecting loaned items

Items should be collected in person from the record office at a pre-arranged time, you will be asked to provide proof of identity on arrival. 

Please read the Loans Advice guide below in advance and the condition report (where applicable) on arrival.  Signing the Loan Agreement Form indicates your agreement with the condition report/s and that you will follow all the terms to ensure the protection of the document and maintain their integrity of the original record.

Returning the loan

Items should be returned to the record office at a pre-arranged time.  After a brief condition check you will be asked to sign the Agreement form to confirm that all items have been returned and in good condition.  A more thorough check will be carried out before items are returned to the stores.