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Derbyshire Record Office fees and charges

Fees and charges for services offered by Derbyshire Record Office.

The fees and charges include VAT at 20% which is only paid by UK residents. Overseas customers are charged at the non-VAT rate.

Self-service copying and printing

Photocopies and computer printouts:

  • 10p each

Microform prints:

  • 70p each

Self-service digital copying and photography licence

Personal use:

  • one day £6
  • one week £18
  • one year £100

Commercial use:

  • one day £20
  • one week £60
  • one year £200

Group use:

  • one year £100

Research and copying service

Our research and copying service is charged according to the time it takes to carry out your order.

Research and copying for:

  • non-commercial purposes per half hour: £15 (including VAT) or £12.50 (excluding VAT)
  • commercial purposes per half hour: £30 (including VAT) or £25 (excluding VAT)

Certified and official copies

Certified and official copies are usually only necessary for legal or religious purposes, for example you're getting married or ordained, or you're involved in legal proceedings.

Certified copies of:

  • baptism certificates £12
  • marriage certificates £11
  • other documents £10

Reproduction for publication or display

Reproduction fee per item, for all commercial publications £50.

Images for display within a single building £15.

Internet publication licence fee £75.


TV broadcasting:

  • regional £100
  • single country £250
  • world £350

Facility fee for filming on the premises £120 per half day.


Receipt of unprepared collections £60.

Outreach services

Talks £60.


  • half-day £175
  • full day £350

Professional advice and support to funded organisations:

  • £50 per hour
  • £350 per day

Loans and exhibitions

Hire of document case £12 per week.

Failure to return document case on agreed date £36 per case per week.

Hire of exhibition case £25 per week.

Failure to return exhibition case on agreed date £75 per case per week.

Document loans for exhibitions and events £60 per item.

Additional costs for professional services may be applied to commercial organisations.


See S4S: Derbyshire Services for Schools.