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How to waste less in 5 easy steps

Check out these top tips.

Best before label
  1. Plan ahead – planning your meals is one of the most effective ways you can cut waste and food bills. Start by checking your fridge, freezer and cupboards, then write a list so you don’t buy things you already have.

  2. Know your dates – keep an eye on the ‘use-by’ dates as food must be eaten by this date, or frozen to keep things for longer. ‘Best before’ dates are for quality only so food is still safe to eat after this date.

  3. Savvy Storage – fridge or cupboard? Keep your food in the correct place to keep it at its best.

  4. Portion control – cooked enough bread, rice, potatoes or pasta to feed the whole street? Find out how to cook and serve up perfect portions.

  5. Love your leftovers – being crafty with your food is a clever way to save money and it really means thinking before you throw food away. With a bit of thought you can create some delicious surprises from your leftovers – they don’t have to mean second best.