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Plan your meals ahead

Planning your meals in advance is the best way to start reducing your food waste.

meal planner, love food hate wasteMaking regular meal plans - maybe even weekly - will help you to avoid buying things you won't use and give you a clear idea of what to cook, saving time and money.

It's also a good idea to check what food you already have in the kitchen before going shopping. Those kidney beans you need for a delicious chilli may already be hiding at the back your cupboard.

The benefits of planning include:

  • saving money by using up what's left
  • cooking double and freezing half for later
  • stopping buying things you already have
  • getting others involved in meal planning and preparation
  • eating more nutritionally balanced meals
  • making cooking less stressful - there's no need to try and think of the things to eat on that day
  • using up freezer meals