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Wasting food – it's bananas!

Did you know around 20,000 bananas are thrown away in Derbyshire every day – that’s around one banana out of every 10 that ends up in the bin.

 And that’s not all. Nearly 20% of food brought into the home is thrown away – that’s like throwing one bag of shopping away out of every 5 bought. It’s bananas!

Find out which foods are most commonly thrown away in Derbyshire.

Bad for your pocket

It's estimated that wasting food costs the average household £470 a year and up to £700 for families. Limp lettuce, bruised bananas, mouldy bread… sound familiar? Not to mention all those lovely leftovers heading straight for the bin.

Every year Derbyshire residents send around 63,000 tonnes of food to landfill costing Derbyshire council tax-payers £6.3million a year.

The good news is it’s easy to start saving today with our simple hints and tips for wasting less. What could you use £700 to buy?

Find out how to waste less in 5 easy steps.