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Personal injury or damage to property

Tripped, fallen or hit a pothole?

You can report a defect or fault online.

Or you can phone Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190 to report any defect on a road or email:

A defect report will be raised and passed to an area inspector who will undertake an assessment to determine the seriousness of the problem and arrange remedial action as soon as possible.

Third party insurance

We will acknowledge your claim within five working days.

The claim will be handled initially by our staff at County Hall, Matlock.

Any initial investigation will be undertaken, which can take up to 30 working days. Each individual site has to be visited, photographs taken, any measurements noted and circumstances surrounding the accident detailed.

If it is found that we are responsible for the site of your accident, then it may be necessary, depending on the amount involved and whether any injuries were suffered, to forward your claim to our loss adjusters for consideration.

We will contact you by post with the loss adjusters' address if your claim is to be handled by them. It normally takes a further two weeks for them to tell you of their interest.

In the event of damage to a vehicle, the responsibility for authorising repairs is with the owner. In certain instances it may be necessary for an insurance assessor to view the vehicle before repairs are carried out. If it is felt necessary for the insurance assessor to view the vehicle, then you will be told.

It should be noted that by agreeing to waive the involvement of the insurance assessor, we are not accepting liability for the claim itself.

There are some cases where it would initially appear to you that we are responsible for the location where your accident occurred, this is not in fact always the case. A few instances are listed below for your information:

  1. Where the accident occurred outside highway limits and the site is the responsibility of the adjoining frontage owner.

  2. At the site of roadworks being carried out by one of the Statutory Undertakers (for example: Transco, electricity company, water company, British Telecommunications) and for a minimum period of two years following completion of the works.

  3. Trunk roads (for example, various lengths of the A6, A38, A50, A5111, A52, A628) and the M1 Motorway are maintained by contractors on behalf of Highways England.

  4. A claim as a result of street cleansing works which are the responsibility of all the districts and boroughs.

  5. As a result of one of the district council's carrying out environmental maintenance (for example: grass cutting or gulley emptying) on a county maintained road. District councils carry out environmental maintenance on our behalf on the majority of roads within Derbyshire.

  6. On a private road.

  7. On a private road opening (where a private individual has opened the road for whatever purposes, for example: private sewer connection).

  8. Outside the county boundary.

Third party claim form is available to download from the related documents section of this page. Once filled in, please post it to:

Insurance Section
Economy, Transport and Environment 
County Hall