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Carers eligibility criteria for services

In April 2015 the Care Act introduced national eligibility criteria for carers.

Carer's eligibility is based on identifying and meeting 3 criteria:

  • Do the needs arise because the carer is providing necessary care and support?
  • Is the carer's physical or mental health affected or at risk of deteriorating, or is the carer unable to achieve any of the listed outcomes?
  • Is there consequently a significant impact on the carer's wellbeing?

We call the ways you will be supported to live your life and achieve what you want, outcomes. Any carers assessment will consider the following outcomes:

  • carrying out any caring responsibilities the carer has for a child
  • providing care to other persons for whom the carers provides care
  • maintaining a habitable home environment in the carer's home
  • managing and maintaining nutrition
  • developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships
  • engaging in work, training, education or volunteering
  • making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community, including recreational facilities or services
  • engaging in recreational activities

Carers can be eligible for support whether or not the adult for whom they care has eligible needs.

The full criteria are detailed in the Care and Support Statutory Guidance 2014 (Chapter 6 Eligibility).

We also have information about the eligibility criteria for service users.