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Help with Council Tax

You can get help with your Council Tax bill if you have specific circumstances, or a low income, or both.

Council Tax discounts, property exemptions and reductions depend on your situation, not your income or savings.

Each council has information on discounts:

Council Tax Support is available if you have low income and savings. Each council has its own Council Tax support scheme, but generally:

  • if you are of working age, you cannot get Council Tax support if you have over £16,000 in savings and your claim may be affected by savings between £6,000 and £16,000. View High Peak Borough Council's rules about savings.
  • you will only get Council Tax support if your income is low enough
  • if you are of pension age, the capital limits and other rules about income may be more generous
  • if you receive Pension Credit, you may get full help with your Council Tax bill

It's important that you make a claim for Council Tax support to your local council. Just because you are in receipt of another benefit (for example Universal Credit) this will not mean you are automatically entitled to help with Council Tax, and you need to make a separate application.

For further details, search your local council website for 'Council Tax support' or read our welfare benefits advice.