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Treating Derbyshire's waste

Waste which is leftover after recycling and composting has taken place needs to be disposed of. Treating waste reduces what is landfilled and can have other benefits such as producing energy.

Treatment centre

Even with increased efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle more of our rubbish, we will still be left with waste that will need managing in other ways to avoid it going to landfill. This waste will need to undergo some kind of treatment.

Sinfin Lane, Derby

As part of our waste contract with RRS, a waste treatment plant and visitor and education centre on Sinfin Lane in Derby is currently under construction. The plant comprises a combination of gasification and mechanical biological treatment technologies. Recyclable plastics and metals will be removed for recycling before the waste goes through the gasification process. Please see our waste treatment page for more information.

The plant will treat 190,000 tonnes, diverting 180,000 tonnes of waste per year from landfill (the equivalent weight of 26,000 double decker buses), and generate electricity enough to power 14,000 homes.

The plant is designed specifically to treat the quantity of waste left over after high levels of recycling and composting have been achieved and growth in waste reduced. The facility complements the target of achieving 55 per cent recycling and composting or higher in Derbyshire by 2020.