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Derbyshire's Waste Strategy to 2026

Derbyshire and Derby’s revised Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, ‘Dealing with Derbyshire’s Waste’, sets out a vision and framework to help manage waste sustainably for the communities of Derbyshire and Derby up to 2026.

Smiling family recycles in the garden

Revised waste strategy

The waste strategy 'Dealing with Derbyshire's Waste' sets out a vision and a framework for the period 2013 to 2026. This will help Derbyshire councils to continue to work together to deliver a sustainable waste management service for Derbyshire and Derby over the coming years. A 5 yearly review of the strategy will take place to take account of any changes in circumstances, waste policy, legislation and the waste industry.

Building upon the considerable progress made in recent years the strategy includes priorities for action over the next 5 years and provides a framework for how the 10 councils will work to:

  • reduce the amount of waste produced
  • reuse, recycle and compost as much material as possible
  • find the most sustainable solutions to deal with any waste produced

The revised strategy retains a recycling and composting target of 55% greater by 2020. This target remains challenging and exceeds the government's target of 50%.

Council waste action plans

The role of district and borough councils, the waste collection authorities (WCAs), is fundamental to the delivery of the strategy. Ten individual council waste action plans have been developed to support the strategy. The plans detail activities for each council over the next 5 years which will help local communities and the councils themselves to prevent waste, increase reuse and to recycle and compost more. The plans will be subject to an annual review to monitor progress.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was completed alongside the strategy review to identify any impacts on the environment. The SEA findings are detailed in the Derbyshire Waste Strategy SEA Environment Report.

The revised strategy document, waste action plans and supporting information are attached to this page. If you need a copy of the SEA please email