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Food most wasted

Did you know the foods most commonly thrown away include bread, potatoes, fruit and vegetables?

sliced bread and bananas

Every day in Derbyshire we throw away around:

  • 340,500 slices of bread
  • 82,000 potatoes
  • 25,100 slices of ham
  • 20,000 bananas
  • 19,800 tomatoes
  • 19,800 sausages
  • 15,600 eggs

Not only is this bad for your pocket, it's bad news for the environment too.

Every year Derbyshire residents send around 63,000 tonnes of food to landfill when most of it could have been eaten. As the food rots it produces greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. And it's expensive too – sending food waste to landfill costs Derbyshire tax-payers £6.3million a year.