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A to Z guide on waste - M

Some ideas to help you decide what to do with your unwanted items.


Donate them to your local doctors, dentists, hairdressers, nurseries, play groups and schools.

Give them to friends to read.

Add them to your kerbside collection where available.

Take them to the paper banks at your local recycling centre or to any of our household waste recycling centres.

Medical equipment

Return loaned medical equipment to your doctor or to the hospital.

If it is your own equipment, why not donate it to your local hospice or hospital.


Return all your un-used or out-of-date medicines to your local chemist or pharmacy.


Take unwanted scrap metal to our household waste recycling centres.

If the metal is from trade waste, please look for metal recyclers online or in our business waste leaflet attached to this page.


If in good working order, donate to a local charity shop, offer to family or friends or sell on online auction websites, apps or social media.

Small electrical items like microwaves can be taken to our household waste recycling centres to be recycled under Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations.

Some stores may allow you to return an old microwave when buying a new one. Please check this with retailers.

Milk bottles (glass)

Return your empty glass milk bottles to your milkman or take them back to where you purchased them from.

Mobile phones

Donate your old mobile hand sets and accessories to your local charity shop or to a friend or family member.

Keep an old phone with a SIM card for emergency calls.

Offer them on your local Freecycle or Freegle network.

Sell your unwanted mobile phone on an internet auction website, app or through social media.

Unwanted mobile phones and accessories can be handed back to mobile phone stores.

You can recycle your old mobile phones at some major supermarkets. Please ask in store for help.


See computers under A to Z guide on waste - C.