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A to Z guide on waste - L

Some ideas to help you decide what to do with your unwanted items.


Ask your friends and family if they need them or offer unwanted items on your local Freecycle or Freegle network.

Sell on an online auction site.

If in good working order donate to a local furniture project.

Take them to your nearest household waste recycling centre.


Take leaves to the green waste skip at your nearest household waste recycling centre.

You can add leaves to your compost bin. Find out about composting your waste.

Add leaves to the green waste kerbside collection where available.

Use them as a mulch to suppress weeds in your garden.

Make leaf mould by putting them in black plastic bags (with holes in) for one to 2 years.

Light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs last longer than a standard light bulb and use less energy, saving money in the long-term.

Light bulbs can be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre.

Sainsbury's recycle domestic energy saving light bulbs.

Light bulbs must not be placed in the glass recycling banks as the metal filaments contaminate the recycling process.

Broken light bulbs should be disposed of safely in your general waste bin.


Lino makes an ideal flooring in the garden shed or for worktop surfaces.

Lino also makes a good lining for ponds.

LPG cylinder

Return the cylinder to the local dealer of the company owning the cylinder.