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School crossing patrols

Please give our school crossing patrols consideration and assistance. They are there to help vulnerable pedestrians, in all weathers, to use our roads safely.

Join our team of school crossing patrols

Sites eligible for patrols

Having school crossing patrols is not a statutory service but in Derbyshire we're proud to have more than 100 school crossing patrols in place.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide school crossing patrols at every site. There's an eligibility criteria that needs to be satisfied in order for a patrol to be put in place or recruited to.

Following a review in 2016 it was agreed that all school crossing patrols sites that were not on a light controlled crossing would remain in place.

However, should a patrol resign or retire, the site will only be recruited to if it meets the Road Safety GB count criteria. This criteria, alongside the National School Crossing Patrol Guidelines, is used when making decisions. Sites are categorised in risk as A, B or C sites.

If a site becomes vacant, for example the current patrol retires, we'll review the site against the criteria in the National School Crossing Patrol Guidelines published by Road Safety GB.

If this assessment concludes that a site is now a category C site (and does not meet the recommended criteria for a school crossing patrol site) we'll not recruit to the site and it will remain vacant.

Please remember that even where a school crossing patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children's safety, just as they do when a zebra crossing or pelican crossing is provided.

Advice for drivers

Please remember to:

  • park well away from them, so they can see clearly in both directions
  • reduce speed and be prepared to stop
  • obey instructions
  • completely stop your vehicle when asked to do so, do not roll forward
  • wait until the crossing patrol person has returned to pavement before moving off

Please be aware of these instructions from the school crossing patrol.

Sign upside down

When the crossing patrol person holds their sign (or lollipop!) upside down this means they are not ready to take children or other pedestrians across the road.

crossing patrol sign upside down

Sign side ways

When the crossing patrol person holds their sign side ways this is to act as a barrier to stop children crossing until it is safe to do so.

crossing patrol sign held sideways

Sign held up high

When the crossing patrol person is ready to cross children they will stand at the side of the road and hold their sign up high. When this happens vehicles must be prepared to stop.

crossing patrol sign held up

Sign extended out

When the crossing patrol person has their arms and sign outstretched this means all vehicles must stop. You should wait until the crossing patrol person has returned to the pavement before moving off.

crossing patrol sign extended out

It is an offence under the Road Traffic Act 1984 if you do not stop when signalled to do so by a school crossing patrol.

We take the health and safety of our patrols very seriously. If you do not stop you will be reported to the police and the possible penalties include:

  • a fine up to £1000
  • 3 penalty points
  • disqualification