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School transport

We provide information on the options available to you and your child for travelling between school or college and home. This includes information on free bus travel, timetables and our plans and policies for school transport.

Bus with b_line livery

Our sustainable modes of travel strategy is available in full but here we've picked out some of the main points. You can also see our policy on transport to secondary schools and policy on transport to primary schools.

Qualifying for school transport assistance

Our home-to-school transport policy is to provide help with transport for full time infant, junior and secondary school pupils to the end of statutory school age who do not live within walking distance of their normal area school.

This distance, as defined in the Education Act 1996, is 2 miles for children under 8 and 3 miles for children over 8 and is measured by the shortest available route.

For secondary school pupils to the end of statutory school age, the distance is 3 miles to their normal area school. Distances are measured by the shortest available route.

Parents who send their children to a school which is not their normal area school will not normally receive help with transport unless the preferred school is beyond the relevant 2 or 3-mile limit, but closer to the child's home than the normal area school.

You can get advice and information about eligibility for free travel from the school admissions and transport team.

You might also be eligible for free school transport if you or your family receive benefits.

You can find our full home to school transport policy attached to this page.

Apply for home to school transport assistance

You can also apply by completing the application form attached to this page. 

Year 7 secondary intake students only

Year 6 pupils transferring to secondary school will be automatically assessed for eligibility for home to school transport and notified by 15 May prior to transfer in September.

Parents and carers who do not receive a letter by 30 April should apply as soon as possible after 15 May.

School bus timetable information

Bus timetable information is available from each school.

Contact the public transport team email: or tel: 01629 536740.

You could also use our journey planner to find out more about public transport, including rail services.

Guides to using school bus services are available.

Help if your child is returning to school or college for post-16 studies

We have a post-16 transport policy statement which sets out the provision available for mainstream students aged between 16 and 19, and students with special needs and disabilities aged 16 to 25. A parent or carer contribution towards sixth form special needs transport was introduced in 2014.

Post-16 students in full-time education continue to be eligible for reduced fare travel passes, on buses and trains in Derbyshire including destinations just outside the county, up to their 19th birthday, under our concessionary fares scheme operated through the b_line card.

Schools, colleges and libraries hold information and can provide students with an application form.

To ensure that transport and other factors are not a barrier to post-16 education, the government has made arrangements for getting financial help to students who need it most.

Schools, colleges and training providers now have bursary funds to help students facing financial hardship. For advice, speak to your tutor at school or college. You can also find out about the government's 16 to 19 bursary fund.

You can contact us for further information on transport:

School transport for children with special needs

We organise transport for eligible students aged 2 to 25 with special educational needs attending schools and colleges. Our policy is in accordance with legislation.

About 1,600 students qualify for transport in the county and most of them travel by contracted mini bus or taxi. A small number travel with their parents, who can claim back the cost of fuel.

Transport is also provided for students attending support centres or work-based learning, and we work with support centres on this.

You can find out more information about transport for students with special needs in our school transport travel guide or tel: 01629 536727.

b_line and concessionary travel

The b_line card is available to all young people in Derbyshire aged 14 to 19 and in full-time education. It entitles them to discounted travel on almost all tickets at peak and off-peak times.

You can also use it for discounted travel to places just outside the county.