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How to apply for a secondary school place

How to make the application for a secondary school place for your child, including how to apply, deadlines and where to get support and help.

From 11 September 2023 you can apply online.

If your child goes to a Derbyshire primary school, you will receive admissions information from the school some time during the week commencing 4 September 2023. We prefer you to apply online. If for some reason you are unable to make an application online, tel: 01629 537479.

You only make one application and you are invited to state 3 preferences on it. This is the only application form you need to fill in.

Online applications will be acknowledged automatically.

Need help?

If wish to access independent advice or information on school admissions or transport you can contact Coram Children’s Legal Centre or tel: 020 771 30089.

Important points

There are several things it's important to remember when making your application.

Get your application in on time. If you miss the deadline we'll not be able to consider your application until the ones that we received on time have been dealt with. The deadline for applications is midnight on 31 October 2023.

Don't name the same school more than once as a preference - this will not increase your chances of a place.

We'll withdraw a school place where false information has been used to secure an offer.

Think about listing your normal area school. You may want to consider including the normal area school as one of your preferences, though it does not have to be your first preference. If you do not include the normal area school as one of your preferences it may fill up with pupils who have said they would prefer to go to that school. This could mean the only school with available places may be further away and could mean you have to pay for transport to a distant school. There's no guarantee of securing a place at your normal area school even if you do list it.

If you do not make an application you cannot assume your child will get an automatic place at your normal area school. We'll first offer places to those who have expressed a preference. If you do not make an application we'll only be able to give your child a place at your normal area school if places are still available. If your normal area school is full we'll give your child a place in the nearest school which has room. This could mean you paying transport costs to a distant school.

If we don't receive an application from you, we may contact you to remind you.

Consider how your child will get to school when making your preferences. You're responsible for getting your child to school. If your child gets a place at a distant school, this could mean that you pay transport costs. Find out more about school transport and our policy. Read these carefully before deciding your preferences.

Only make one application.

Late applications received after the closing date will be included only if the reason for the delay is considered exceptional and appropriate evidence has been provided. Other late applications will not be considered until after applications received by the closing date have been dealt with.