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Secondary school admissions waiting lists

For secondary transfer applications, we will keep a waiting list for oversubscribed Derbyshire schools.

Waiting lists will be set up on 1 March 2019 and maintained until 31 December 2019

Children's names will automatically be placed on these lists where it has not been possible to offer a place and they have given this preference a higher priority than the school at which they have been offered a place.

A vacancy arises only when the number of offers to a particular school falls below the published admission number (PAN) or, in cases where an admission authority has offered places above the PAN, when offers fall below the revised number. This excludes places secured through the appeals process.

Priority on the waiting list is determined according to the published admission criteria. This means that a child's position on the list is not fixed and can go up or down the list as vacancies arise or further applications are received. The date of application does not affect the waiting list order.

Some voluntary aided, foundation and academy schools may maintain waiting lists beyond this date. Please check with the school concerned.

Some neighbouring councils have different rules on waiting lists. Please check with them if applicable.

We do not maintain waiting lists for in-year admissions for community and controlled schools. Some voluntary aided, academy and foundation schools in Derbyshire and schools in other council areas may maintain waiting lists for in-year admissions and if your application is refused you should contact the school to place your child's name on the waiting list.

If you wish to place your child's name on the list for a Derbyshire school for the next academic year you will need to make a new application in the term preceding the new academic year to update their application details and confirm your continuing interest.

Priority on the waiting list is determined according to the school's oversubscription criteria.