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Data transparency, open data and The Local Government Transparency Code

Through its drive for transparency, the government is encouraging councils to make more of their information available in a way which can be easily shared and re-used. This is called open data.

Providing our information in an open data format will provide benefits to residents, businesses and the wider data and developer community.

We've already made some of our data available in this format and we'll be looking to open up further data sets as well as provide access to meaningful performance data.

Our open data

We've been looking for ways of helping developers and website owners access our data and this section lets you explore our data sets.

We want to make the data we hold as easy as possible for people to access and use in the ways they want - whether it is sharing it easily or using it to build something new!

We have a few data sets available at the moment but we're looking to add to this all the time. See how our data can be used.

Current open data

All of the information listed as being currently available in an open data format is attached to this page.

Latest news and updates and other RSS feeds

We have a number of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds available for our website. You can sign up for these by email or through subscribing to their equivalent RSS feed.

You can sign up for the email alerts via the GovDelivery system.

Twitter feed

Follow us on Twitter.

Facebook feed

You can like us on Facebook.

Grit bins

The location of all council grit bins in Derbyshire.

Rights of way

The network of rights of way in the Derbyshire.

The Local Government Transparency Code

Property and land we own and use

We've published details of property and land we own and use.

Organisation chart

Organisation charts showing the top 3 levels of the organisation are attached to this page.

You can also read about what each of our 4 departments is responsible for.

Senior salaries and pay policy

A document showing details of employees whose salary was over £50,000 on 1 April is attached to this page.

We've also published our pay policy statement which provides further information on senior officer pay.

Trade union facility time

A document showing trade union facility time is attached to this page.

Pay multiple

The ratio between the head of paid service and the median earnings figure of our workforce is available in our pay policy statement.

Parking revenues

A statement of income and expenditure for parking enforcement is available in .csv format attached to this page.

A document showing details of controlled parking spaces is attached to this page.


Our constitution sets out how we operate, how decisions are made and the procedures we follow to ensure the council is efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Council spending over £500

Council spending over £500 is available as a monthly breakdown.

Procurement information

Our procurement contract register details our contract expenditure above £10,000.

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

A cabinet report about payments to community and voluntary organisations is attached to this page.

We've published information about grants we've awarded.

A document showing details of grants awarded by our economy, transport and environment department is attached to this page.

Future datasets

While much of the information listed in this section is available on our website, we're currently working on making it available in an open data format.