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Grit bins and salt heaps

Grit bins and salt heaps are provided at various points, usually in villages or on untreated roads, so you can help keep roads and pavements in your area free from ice. 

We own and maintain 803 grit bins across the county but we're unable to provide additional grit bins in new locations. A further 1,250 bins are in the ownership of town or parish councils who may consider providing a new grit bin where it would provide specific benefits for their local residents.

The grit provided is for use to clear public pavements and roads only. It is not for use on private property.

If you are caught taking grit or salt for use on private property, such as driveways, you may be prosecuted.

We have a short film giving simple instructions on how to clear snow and ice from pavements and follow the government's Snow Code.

Report a grit bin problem

If you've spotted a Derbyshire County Council grit bin which has been vandalised or which has gone missing, or if you know of a grit bin or salt heap which needs filling you can report it to us.

If it is a grit bin owned by the parish or town council please report it to them directly. Parishes and town councils can apply to have their grit bins filled by emailing

If you are unsure whose responsibility the grit bin is, then this information is displayed on our map when you report a problem with a grit bin.

We may not be able to replace or refill all grit bins immediately but we'll action as many reports as possible for bins we are responsible for. We only replenish existing salt heaps and for environmental reasons we won't create new ones.

Find or report a problem with a grit bin