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Health services for Ukrainian nationals

The NHS is prepared to welcome people arriving from the Ukraine and arrangements are already in place to provide interpreting services for information and advice and health appointments.

Many services are available from the NHS and getting to the right place for a condition or clinical need first time helps people to get the information, advice or treatment needed as quickly as possible.

You can get information explaining how the NHS works and how to access services translated into Ukrainian and Russian on the Doctors of the World website:

The NHS has collated a range of health information that is available in different languages, including Ukrainian and Russian. The topics include babies, cancer, heart health and mental health and wellbeing.

Free health information and advice is also available 24-hours a day from the NHS for free by dialling 111. If an interpreter is required, guests can ask for an interpreter in their language by saying "interpreter please."

Get help and advice on PTSD and trauma available in Russian and Ukrainian on the Psychology Tools website.

Registering with a GP

Ukrainian arrivals can receive emergency treatment from a GP surgery for 14 days. After that, they will need to register with a GP.

Getting a prescription

Ukrainian nationals will need to visit their new GP to get a prescription. They should then take their prescription to a pharmacy or chemist to receive the medication. They may need to pay for prescription medicines. Pharmacists can give free advice on treating minor health problems, such as colds and coughs. Find a local pharmacy.

Dentistry services

Ukrainian nationals can register with a dentist as either an NHS patient or a private patient. Find a dentist

If your guest is receiving Universal Credit, they should let the practice know and register as an NHS patient. Check-ups and necessary treatments will be free.

Maternity care and midwifery services

A GP can arrange appointments with maternity and midwifery services.

COVID-19 vaccine

Ukrainian nationals can get the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters for free through the NHS. They will need to be registered with a GP. Find out how to get the COVID-19 vaccine.