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Network planning - staff testimonials

Read about what it's like to work in network planning.

Vicky, rights of way assistant, rights of way team

I’ve worked for Derbyshire County Council for 2 months, right now, I work from home, but officially I’m based at Darley Dale depot.

My role involves a combination of desk/computer-based work, working with colleagues in person and via Teams, getting out and about doing site visits to public rights of way, and meeting and working with members of the public, I like the variety of work.

I believe in what I do – protecting the rights of way network for future generations. And I love maps. In this role I get to work with maps daily. I also enjoy walking in the countryside, so when I’m surveying a countryside path, I don’t even feel like I’m working, because I’m enjoying what I’m doing so much.

I find it interesting, getting to the story behind an issue. Digging into the history and the law and finding all the facts that then enable me to respond appropriately to the situation.

As I’ve not been in my role long, I’m learning new things every day. I love to learn, so that suits me well. My colleagues have taught me a lot and supported me well with my developing skills and knowledge. I am confident that this will continue, and I will eventually be able to teach and support others in the future.

I feel that I’m doing something worthwhile. That’s the thing with public service jobs, they’re all worthwhile because they all contribute to society in some way. In addition to that, this job offers the kind of flexible working that enables me to achieve a good work-life balance that I haven’t always been able to achieve in previous jobs.

I look forward to regularly being able to get my teeth into something new and getting out and about and meeting new people.

I feel that this role is a better fit for me, than previous jobs I’ve had. Also, I have had roles in the past where there has been an unwritten expectation that we work at least an extra 50% of our contracted hours, on top of our contracted hours, without any additional pay. I know that in my current role, there will be no such expectation, which is good for my wellbeing.

Paul, project engineer, highways drainage management team

I’ve worked for Derbyshire County Council for over 20 years, I feel a valued member of staff and work with a great team of people who work hard to make a difference to the residents of Derbyshire.

I’ve always enjoyed the engineering challenge presented when dealing with drainage problems along with the satisfaction of resolving or improving the situation.

The environmental impact from global warming will inevitably present challenges for the county. The new drainage team will have a proactive approach towards maintaining drainage assets and I look forward to being part of this team.

The drainage team will oversee the cyclical gully cleansing contract and ensure quality control of more than 170,000 highway gullies countywide.

When I first started as a trainee road worker this post was linked to the National Vocational Qualification in Highway Maintenance. I was always keen to continue my personal development and I achieved this through annual personal development reviews with my manager, who supported me enrolling at college where I achieved my BTEC National Certificate in Civil Engineering and BTEC Higher National Certificate in Civil Engineering.

Derbyshire is a beautiful place to live and work. Derbyshire County Council is committed to its workforce. The flexible working scheme and generous annual leave entitlements certainly helps with the work-life balance having a young family. Staff can also take advantage of schemes like the Cycle to Work Scheme.

I look forward to the variety of work and different challenges, no 2 days are the same, it’s that sort of working day that I look forward to and enjoy. 

Previous roles include road worker, clerk of works, and senior technician-highway Inspections and have all contributed to me developing skills and experiences to take forward in my new role of project engineer - highway drainage, I’ve always worked with great people and had positive influential managers whilst working for DCC, I intend to continue with that ethos. This job is certainly challenging but also exciting, with the right team I know together we can make a difference.

Liam, technician - inspection and asset management, structures management team

I’ve been here 3 and a half years in total, one year in my current post and the previous time as an apprentice civil engineering technician.

I have been very well supported throughout my time with Derbyshire County Council with my professional development. When I initially joined as an apprentice civil engineering technician, I was funded to complete a level 3 apprenticeship programme, comprising a BTEC and NVQ and gaining EngTech membership of the Institution of Civil Engineers. This support has continued since my transition into my permanent role, as I’m looking to start a level 4 apprenticeship in the near future.

I had previously worked in the structures management team during my civil engineering apprenticeship, I was familiar with the team and the work they undertake. I enjoyed my time in the team previously, with both the varied workload and the rapport I built with my colleagues. I therefore knew I wanted to work full-time in the team and was lucky enough that this role within the inspection and asset management section of the team came up.

I was made to feel welcome by all 6 teams I worked within during my apprenticeship programme, so I know that the people who work for DCC are a fantastic group who I can get along well with. I also know that I will be supported with development opportunities and that progression within the team is possible.

There is so much variety in the tasks I do, meaning every day is different. This means that very few working days are boring, and I can gain a wide variety of experience.

My favourite part of the job is to get out on site, either for assessments and inspections or during the construction phase of a scheme. This is where I feel I learn the most about structures as I can see it in the flesh.

The thing I look forward to the most at work is helping people. This could be members of the public with structures issues, colleagues needing assistance with their workload or members of other teams requesting help or information from structures. I would definitely recommend working for Derbyshire County Council, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.