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Travel Smart week

Our Travel Smart week takes place each May and October. This is where we encourage pupils to make the most of their school journey as a way to help them keep fit, beat traffic jams and pollution, as well making sure they remember to travel safely too.

Travel Smart

For the May 2023 campaign pupils and parents will be encouraged to join the SMILERS and Travel Smart with a SMILE by making more active and environmentally friendly journeys to school during the week of 15 May 2023 to 19 May 2023.

The SMILERS ways to wellbeing are:

  • stay connected - having healthy relationships with people and pets to help you to feel happy
  • move - being active releases chemicals in your brain which boosts your mood and makes you feel good
  • interest - having special interests and learning something new to keep your brain busy
  • look - using your senses to notice what is around you to keep you in the moment
  • eating well - eating a balanced diet to make you feel good and also to help you stay healthy and strong
  • rest - getting a good night's sleep to improve your memory, mood and mental health
  • support - supporting people to make us feel positive and to make them happy too

So making an active journey, after a healthy breakfast and a good night's sleep, is a great way to improve your wellbeing as part of the school day, as well as doing your bit to reduce the impacts of traffic congestion, air pollution and climate change associated with travelling by car.

As part of the campaign week pupils can follow some of the suggested ideas for each day such as choosing active ways to make their school journey and to make the most of that opportunity by chatting with friends and family.

School staff and parents can share the activities they undertake on the Travel Smart Twitter account.