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We're responsible for the maintenance and repair of roads, including pavements or foot ways.

You can report a fault, such as a pothole, on a road, pavement or footway. Tell us about the nature and location of the fault in as much detail as possible.

It's also useful if you leave your contact details in case our inspectors need more information.

Report a pothole

Day to day maintenance

In the past, the way we were given money for road maintenance meant it was sometimes difficult to plan longer term repairs.

This has changed, plus we are investing an extra £6 million to look after our roads. This means we can now take a more planned approach to looking after the county’s 3,500 miles of road roads and footpaths.

Our new emphasis on 'prevention rather than cure' means we keep our roads to a standard where they remain safe and reliable for all road users and don’t deteriorate to such a level where they are in a condition where more costly, major repair work is required.

But there will always be emergencies and this winter saw a significant rise in the number of potholes because of the harsh weather. Prolonged rainfall and snow and constant freezing and thawing caused a marked deterioration on many of our roads.

We responded by putting in extra cash and resources to repair potholes. The total spend on fixing Derbyshire’s potholes up to March 2019 will be £6 million - 3 times the amount spent during the previous 12 months.

And we have set on 9 extra gangs of road workers working with specialist hotboxes alongside the 12 usual gangs that fix potholes and other road defects.

In addition to our pothole budget we are also spending nearly £16 million patching, surface dressing and resurfacing our roads and fixing drains and gullies.

To count as a pothole, the defect has to be 40mm deep on a road or 20mm deep on a footpath.

And depending on things like its location, depth, size and speed limit of the road, this will determine how quickly it is fixed.

The most urgent potholes will be fixed within 32 hours – usually much quicker – less urgent ones between 9 and 28 days.

Take a look at our short video and find out how one of our highways teams fixes a pothole.