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Disabled parking bays

We can provide an advisory parking bay on a residential street, outside or as close as is feasibly possible to a Blue Badge holder’s property.

We can provide the bay subject to it not contravening any of the following:

  • existing waiting restrictions that are applied to the carriageway
  • within 10 metres of a road junction
  • it is not in a location that would create a danger or obstruction

We currently provide disabled parking bays free of charge, as long as the applicant meets the following criteria: 

  • the driver of the vehicle is registered disabled and is a Blue Badge holder
  • an occupational therapist or other health professional confirms the mobility of the driver
  • the applicant does not have access to off-street parking provision such as a driveway or a garage
  • the applicant lives on the type of street where parking issues exist on an all day and everyday basis

If the applicant meets all of the criteria they should firstly contact their local adult care office for an assessment of their request to be carried out. Or contact Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190 to find out where their local office is.

It is important to note that markings are laid in an advisory capacity and is open to use by any blue badge holder but carries no legal weighting with respect to either civil enforcement through the Highway Authority or other enforcement via the police.

Sometimes it can be difficult to provide a bay in residential streets where on-street parking is at a premium because the bay may encroach over a neighbour’s property. If this is the case we will write to the neighbouring property to explain our intentions.