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Highways development control safety issues

Where the creation of a new access or increases in traffic using existing accesses is envisaged, the following issues will be considered.

Visibility - where emerging drivers require adequate, unobstructed visibility of traffic, pedestrians and cyclists. The recommended distance depends on the speed of traffic and the road classification and location.

Turning traffic can be detrimental to highway safety particularly on a fast or busy stretch of road.

Remote junctions - concerns may be raised where existing junctions and roads are already near or exceed capacity.

Displaced parking - where a development does not provide sufficient parking to ensure that traffic generated by the proposals can be contained within the development site concerns may be raised over the effect on the safety of adjoining highways.

Lighting - concerns will be raised where proposals are likely to affect the existing lighting.

Highway layout and construction - concerns will be raised where development will increase the number of vehicles on roads (in particular heavy goods vehicles) where they may be unable to pass safely.

Introduce new roads which will be subject to high volumes of vehicle traffic.

Change the layout of existing roads and junctions.

Consideration will also be given to problems of distraction, obstruction and the maintenance of pedestrian and cycle desire lines.

To reduce the traffic impact of larger developments on capacity and provide a sustainable approach to parking. Applicants would be expected to produce transport assessments including travel plans (where appropriate), showing how they can resolve capacity issues and influence staff and customers to travel to the site other than by car.