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Fall risk factors

Falling is not an inevitable part of getting older and many falls can be prevented.

If you are concerned about falls, or are visiting a friend or family member then there are several risks you can look out for and deal with.

Risks and solutions

The following are some of the main risk factors for falls and what to do about them.

Risk: Home hazards such as clutter, trailing cables, loose rugs, poor lighting.
Solution: Make safe where possible 

Risk: Badly fitting footwear or foot problems.
Solution: Advise to replace with new, properly fitting footwear. Age UK Derby and Derbyshire also run a foot care service - Tootsies that offers low cost foot care for people aged over 50.

Risk: Poor eyesight.
Solution: Advise to see an optician for eye test. People aged over 60 are eligible for free NHS eye tests. You can also get help and advice on older people’s eye health at NHS Choices.

Risk: Worried about getting help after a fall.
Solution: Advise the individual to get a falls alarms. You can find out more about telecare or Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

Risk: Fear of falling.
Solution: Encourage the individual to join a Strictly No Falling course. You can find out more by contacting Age UK tel: 01773 766922.