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Falls support services

There are a number of services available in Derbyshire to help protect you from falling, or reduce the chance of falling.

We've launched a major campaign to raise awareness of falls prevention. Derbyshire's 'live stronger for longer' campaign addresses the impact of falls amongst older people, raises awareness of falls prevention and promotes a healthy, happy, ageing lifestyle.

The aims of the campaign are to:

  • improve awareness of the risk of falls and how to prevent them
  • promote 'active ageing'
  • identify those people at higher risk of falling and increase uptake of interventions to reduce their risk of falls
  • raise awareness of local services, groups and activities to reduce falls

Falls are one of the largest causes of emergency hospital admission for older adults:

  • in Derbyshire, around 70,100 people aged over 65 fall every year
  • over 11,000 ambulance call outs and 6,000 hospital admissions happen as a result

Falls can lead to pain, distress, injury, loss of confidence and even death. But many falls can be prevented.

The campaign will focus on ‘healthy, happy ageing’ and prevention. It will encourage people to talk about falls and discuss how we can all ‘live stronger for longer’.

A range of initiatives will take place over the next year, including a round of small grants for community groups, free publicity, targeting of luncheon clubs and training for front line staff.

A new toolkit has been put together to help organisations deliver falls prevention messages to their staff and clients. It’s got key messages, advice and information about other useful organisations. You can download the toolkit from our falls information for professionals page.

Strictly no falling - live stronger for longer

Strictly no falling provides physical activity sessions that aim to improve your strength, balance and co-ordination in order to help reduce your risk of falling.

All sessions include seated and standing options.

We're funding the programme which is provided by Age UK Derby and Derbyshire in partnership with Derbyshire Community Health Services and wider partners such as district and borough councils, housing associations, leisure providers and the voluntary sector.

The younger you are when you to start to take advantage of these sessions, the better. But it's never too late to start. Look out for sessions which display the Strictly No Falling logo. They've been approved as suitable to help prevent falls.

To find out more about these sessions, or to get support please email: or tel: 01773 766922.

Small grants scheme

Small grants are available to help local groups and teams to get creative, reach local people, have fun and raise awareness of falls prevention.

This small grant fund is for voluntary and community groups, businesses and public sector teams across Derbyshire County.

Around 20 groups, businesses or teams can receive up to £200 in grant funding, and for more ambitious proposals, groups can receive up to £400.

Groups can apply for funding to run an activity, or put on events, or extend a current meeting or event, that will raise awareness around the risks of falling.

You can run events, quizzes, lunches, theatre, talks, inside, outside, with existing groups or with new audiences. You will be supported to plan your activity, receive free campaign resources, offered training and help to complete a simple evaluation to share your work.

The closing date for applications is Sunday 12 April 2020.

A falls prevention grant application form and reporting form are attached to this page.

Community alarms and telecare

Sometimes known as pendant alarms, community alarm systems have a pendant or wristband you can wear that connects to a telephone line through a base unit. If you need help, for instance if you have fallen or you feel unwell, you can press the button on the pendant or wristband to call for assistance.

Alongside basic alarms, a range of telecare equipment may be available. Various telecare sensors, which can be placed throughout the home or worn on the person, can alert a carer or monitoring service if they detect a problem.

If you do have a fall it's important that you are able to alert someone so you can get help quickly. Telecare sensors can help keep you safe, such as:

  • a falls pendant - which is a sensor that is worn around the waist, which can detect if you fall
  • a bed sensor - that detects when you have got out of bed and automatically switches

If you have fallen and the alarm is activated someone will contact you from the response team through a speaker system, so you won't need to worry about trying to get to the telephone for help.

Our response team is made up of trained people who can use specialist equipment to lift you from the floor safely if needed. The telecare sensors can make a real difference to your life in maintaining independence and also giving support to family and carers.

Contact your local provider:

  • Amber Valley tel: 0300 456 2531
  • Bolsover tel: 01246 242309
  • Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire tel: 0300 323 0076
  • Derbyshire Dales and Erewash tel: 03330 143 389
  • High Peak tel: 0345 129 4877
  • South Derbyshire tel: 01283 228789

Find out more about community alarms and telecare.

Saga Get Up and Go - a guide to staying steady

Saga have produced a guide to help prevent falls. It's attached to this page.

The guide has top tips on preventing falls, including advice on fall-proofing your home, avoiding falls while out and about, exercises you can do to improve balance and what to do if you fall and can't get up.