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Autism is a lifelong development condition that affects the way a person communicates, interacts and processes information.

Every autistic person is different. Some people will have more subtle difficulties whereas others may have more complex challenges.

Local services and information

The following websites contain information for autistic people, as well as those who wish to learn more about it.

The Autism Information and Advice service provides accessible information about the support and services available to any autistic person in Derbyshire, as well as their friends, families and carers. The service is provided by Citizen's Advice Mid-Mercia. It also provides support and training for Derbyshire based professionals and businesses seeking to become more autism aware or to support autistic employees. You can get in touch by email: or tel: 01332 228 790. The service has a YouTube channel to help people stay well and try new things at home. Topics include yoga, music, cooking lessons, mindfulness and more.

You can find out more about why we commissioned the Autism Information and Advice Service and the impact it has had in the first year by reading the case example we published on the Local Government Association website.

Derbyshire Autism Serviceshave information about services for adults, children, families and carers, siblings as well as a dedicated page for professionals. They also offer support groups, one to one support and social activities. Tel: 01773 741 221.

Autism East Midlands have lots of information about autism as well as support services for autistic adults and children. The website also includes details of specialist local events and training. Tel: 01909 506 678.

The Living Well with Autism service is no longer taking referrals as the contract ended on 31 March 2023. We and the NHS will continue to support autistic people and their families and carers. We're in the process of recommissioning a new approach to education and support that will become available later in 2023.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Autism Information and Advice Service.

In the meantime, please contact the Autism Information and Advice Service, email or tel: 01332 228 790.

Autism Alliance brings together a number of local autism groups including Autism East Midlands. Their website contains resources and latest autism news and research.

Derbyshire Mental Health Foundation Trustprovide health services to children and families, people with a learning disability, people experiencing mental health issues and people with substances misuse needs. Tel: 01332 623700.

The National Autistic Societyhave lots of information to support autistic people, including an online community where people can chat and share ideas. They also have a helpline offering specialist advice and range of resources and tips tailored for the coronavirus pandemic. Contact the National Autistic Society or email

The NHS has a wide range of information about autismcovering symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Schools and maintained early years settings can refer to Autism Outreach for advice around individual pupils and training.

Autism passport

We have an officially recognised autism passport to support autistic individuals when entering hospital or seeking healthcare treatment in Derbyshire.

Autistic people living in Derbyshire can download the passport, complete it, and take it with them when they go into hospital or attend healthcare appointments. The passport will then be kept with their hospital notes so that it can be consulted by hospital staff before any medical interventions are performed. The passport will help to ensure that the sensory, physical, and communication needs of autistic patients are met.

The passport and guidance notes on how to fill it in are attached to this page. It can be used by both adults and children and is completely free.

Caring for an autistic person

Read our guidance for parents and carers about help for autistic children in school. You can get general advice for parent and carers from Carers in Derbyshire.

Autism Partnership Board

The Derbyshire Autism Partnership Board brings together autistic people, as well as parents, carers, the voluntary sector, and local health and social care professionals to improve services for autistic young people and adults in Derbyshire and Derby.

The Derbyshire Autism Partnership Board aims to work with commissioners to help develop and improve services for autistic people of all ages, as well as working to raise awareness of autism, and to coproduce the creation and the delivery of the upcoming Derbyshire Health and Social Care All Age Autism Strategy 2023-2028.

The Derbyshire Autism Partnership Board meets 4 times a year and is looking to engage further with autistic people, their families, carers, and support networks as well as with autism professionals and services.

For more information, or if you are interested in coming along, please email:

The board worked together to create leaflets and posters to help other professionals, employers, and anyone else with an interest to better understand autism. The leaflets and posters are attached to this page:

  • understanding autism
  • understanding autism ageing
  • understanding autism - employment
  • top tips for communication with someone with autism (poster)
  • small changes can make a big difference to someone with autism (poster)

You can order printed copies by email:

The leaflet called 'Understanding autism - training' is only available to download.

Experts by Experience meetings

In conjunction with the Autism Partnership Board, we run an Experts by Experience meeting. In the context of this meeting, an Expert by Experience can be described an autistic person, someone who has personal experience of autism, or who care or support an autistic person.

These meetings are a safe space for Experts by Experience only to meet and discuss issues that they would like raising at the Autism Partnership Board. Professionals can attend these meetings by invitation only, and only if they have a relevant agenda item to bring along to the group for discussion or feedback.

These meetings are held 4 times a year, usually a week before each Autism Partnership Board meeting, and they are organised by our autism project officer.

For more information, or if you'd like to come along, please email:

Moving into adult services (transition)

Transition is the period in your life when you change from being a child to an adult. If you are leaving school and have additional needs we can help with preparing for adulthood.

The Special Needs and Disability Service (SEND) develops education, health and care plans for children and young people with more complex needs. These plans pull together the various support that you might need into one place.

Adult care information and assessments

We provide a range of services to support wellbeing and help people stay independent. We call these prevention services and you can find out more about these in our information and advice section.

You can also find out more about accessing care and support including adult care assessments and eligibility.