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Our online content

Although the guide is primarily for, all of our partnership sites (such as Safer Derbyshire and Park Smarter) and digital platforms should also follow the rules where possible and adapt them to suit their website.

However, each individual partnership website may have a different audience, purpose or style, which means content may need to be adapted or tailored to best suit the user needs of each website separately.

Who creates content for

The content for is created by our digital communication officers. They will determine how the website should be structured and how individual pages are laid out.

Service areas are responsible for the accuracy of the information on our website and for keeping it up to date.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We need to make sure our information can be found easily by members of the public using search engines such as Google or Bing.

Information supplied to the digital team will often need editing for this purpose before it’s published online.

For further information, includes a good beginner’s guide to SEO.


Arguments about points of style are decided on the principle: “what does the user say”.

We don’t make decisions on a whim. We find out what users want and the vocabulary they're using, and then we test it.

The digital team, working closely with the wider communications team and legal services, have final approval on all of our website content and design.