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Looking after Derbyshire's former landfill sites

We're responsible for making sure that our former landfill sites don't cause a nuisance or harm to the public, land or the environment. 

Sites we look after

We own and manage 22 former (closed) landfill sites, plus two sites for Derby City Council and one site for Erewash Borough Council. A further site is jointly owned with Erewash Borough Council.

Why look after former landfill sites?

Even when landfill sites are closed they can still affect the environment. For the sites for which we are responsible, we make sure they meet all statutory and legal obligations, Environment Agency guidance and Environmental Permits. By doing this we make sure that people, land and the environment are protected.

How sites are looked after

We do the following activities:

  • monitoring and control of landfill gas and leachate (the gas and polluted liquid produced by the breaking down of biodegradable waste)
  • civil engineering works
  • managing the land of former landfill sites e.g. landscaping

Monitoring and control of landfill gas and leachate

We regularly monitor all closed landfill sites for landfill gas and leachate. Where needed we have installed 14 gas control systems and four leachate control systems. The systems help us to manage the landfill gas and leachate generated at these sites. 

On 25 sites across Derbyshire we have 424 gas monitoring points. Samples of landfill gas are tested regularly. A specialist computer programme is used to analyse and report the data collected.

The monitoring points have set limits for landfill gas. If landfill gas goes above these limits we immediately adjust the control system. This makes sure that uncontrolled movement of gas does not occur.

The leachate control systems remove excess leachate which is pumped to storage tanks on the site. The leachate is then taken by road tanker for disposal to a suitably licensed disposal facility.

Maintenance of sites

We're also responsible for making sure that the monitoring points and control equipment can be accessed throughout the year. They're often located in remote areas.

We complete regular maintenance and minor repairs to the gas flares which burn the landfill gas, and the landfill gas and leachate control systems.