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Why compost?

Producing your own compost is easy, can save you money and help the environment.

person putting household rubbish into compost bin

Make your own compost

With a home compost bin you can use what you would normally throw away - raw fruit and vegetable peelings, teabags, garden waste, paper and cardboard - to make your own compost.

Even if you have a green waste collection in your area, you can still compost at home. Keep the best materials for your own home compost bin and put things like grass cuttings and woody hedge clippings into your green waste collection bin.

Can save you money

Home composting can reduce the amount of money you spend on purchasing growing medium (wrongly called compost!) and chemical fertilisers for your garden. Production of peat based composts can destroy peat bogs and related habitats. By making your own this helps to protect these environments.

Helps your soil

Home produced compost will also improve your soil structure and release natural nutrients into your garden.

Reduces what you throw away

Around 30% of the waste in your bin could be composted. By home composting it stops this waste from going to landfill. This helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released which contribute to climate change.