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Learning with us

We can support you with your learning. This section has lots of useful information for new and existing learners about learning with us. It can help you with practical aspects of your learning, and answer your questions. 

We want to make sure that our learners get the very best from their experiences with us.

Where can you learn

Find out where our main centres are and how to contact them.

You can also email or tel: 01629 531241.

Our courses

Find out about all the types of courses you can do with us.

Supporting learners

We can support you with your learning.

We're proud of the level of extra tailored support we can offer to our learners. We try to ensure an inclusive learning environment.

Support we can offer includes:

  • Derbyshire careers service coaches
  • help with taking the next step in your learning
  • help with childcare
  • support for people with additional learning needs, access needs and dyslexia
  • financial help, including:
  • free courses
  • access to loans
  • funds
  • payment by instalment for some courses

Find out more about what our support has meant to our learners in our success stories.

Learner agreement for adult learners and visitors

Treat all staff volunteers, learners and property with respect.

Act in a responsible way to keep yourself and other safe and healthy.

Respect the different backgrounds, experiences and lifestyles of others.

Do not discriminate against people of different backgrounds.

Do not use language which could offend others, for example:

  • racist
  • sexist
  • homophobic
  • ageist
  • language offensive to people with a disability

Do not make other people feel:

  • vulnerable
  • uncomfortable
  • unaccepted

Pay any fees due, and if unable to pay, speak to your tutor or a member of centre staff.

If you need to write work as part of your course, it must be your own work.

Follow any other of our polices.

Who to contact about our code of behaviour

Speak to your tutor or another member of our staff if you feel you've:

  • been treated with a lack of respect
  • been harassed
  • discriminated against

So that we can provide you with the best possible service, tailored to your needs, we ask you to:

  • provide information about yourself at enrolment and tell us if anything changes
  • let us know if you need any support or help with your course
  • agree what you hope to learn and achieve through your course
  • complete an individual learning plan (ILP) and take part in its monitoring
  • attend all sessions on time or let us know if you are going to be absent
  • complete all work set on time, or let you tutor know if you are having problems
  • complete learner evaluations and surveys to help us improve our services to you and other learners

Accessing information, advice and guidance

In many of our adult community education centres the team of careers coaches offers support to all our learners.

Examples of the support available includes:

  • CV workshops
  • interview skills
  • confidence building
  • application forms
  • skills health checks
  • careers advice
  • access to the internet to search for jobs
  • volunteering opportunities
  • advice on courses and learning
  • any other work related issues

For more information about this support, please contact your local careers coach.


Some of our centres have daytime crèche facilities.

If the centre you're learning in does, we may be able to help you with other childcare through our support fund.

You can find out more about how we can help you, email or tel: 01629 531241.