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Volunteers privacy notice

This notice covers people on work experience placements as well as other volunteers, such as:

  • library, museum and record office volunteers
  • 'test purchase' volunteers for Derbyshire Trading Standards
  • volunteers to help with the settlement of Syrian refugees in this county

Who controls your data

The data controller is Derbyshire County Council.

Information we collect and why

We collect your information so we can administer your activities as a volunteer. We ask for a few basic details such as your name, your home address, an email address and telephone number. We'll need to see documentary evidence so we can verify your identity. Once that's done we will only keep the relevant details, not a copy of your documents.

If you claim expenses, we'll need your banking details so we can pay you. If the expenses are to do with your own driving, we'll need to see evidence of your entitlement to drive, such as your driving licence and insurance details. We will not need to keep a copy.

If we ask for a reference, we keep each referee's contact details alongside your personal data, and a copy of the reference itself with any associated paperwork. We do not need to get in touch with referees to ask for separate permission about this, as it is in our legitimate interests to keep their contact details so that we can administer your volunteering activities.

In some cases, we'll ask to check whether you have a criminal record using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We'd put you in touch with our human resources department to arrange a check.

You do not have to give us any of your information, and we hold it on the basis of your consent. We'd never use this information for marketing purposes.

In your legitimate interests, we ask to have the contact details of someone we can get in touch with if you are involved in a medical or other emergency. Please make this person aware that their details have been passed on to us and will be destroyed as soon as your volunteering activity stops.

How long we keep your information

Unless you ask us to delete your information, we'll ordinarily keep it for a maximum of 6 years. That means 6 years from the last day you serve as a volunteer, or from the last time we process your expenses. These are the periods of time set out in the finance and the human resources retention schedules.

If we cannot see a good reason for keeping your information, we may delete it even earlier. For instance, records of your recruitment as a 'test purchase' volunteer for Trading Standards will normally be deleted when your volunteering activity stops, as recommended by the Trading Standards retention schedule.

Sharing your information

We will not usually share your information. If we really need to share any of your details, we'll get your consent first. For instance, if your volunteering is arranged by us in co-operation with another organisation, we may share some of your information with them.

If you claim expenses, we'll share your information within Derbyshire County Council, because your banking details will be recorded on our payment system, which our exchequer services team looks after.

Otherwise, we do not ordinarily share your information unless the law says we must, for instance, if the police ask for your information while they are investigating a crime.

We can also make an exception in our legitimate interests. For instance, if we ever need to take legal action against you, we'll pass your details to our legal services department.

We do not share any information received from referees.

Keeping your information safe

We are committed to protecting personal data and have data policies and procedures in place to ensure that it is safeguarded.

Your rights and who to contact about them

You can find more about your rights as a data subject but here are the main things you need to know:

  • if you do not want us to hold your information any more, you can ask us to delete it
  • if you want a copy of your own information, please ask us
  • if you want to complain about how we handle your personal data you can contact the data protection officer:
  • you have the right to contact the Information Commissioner

Find out other ways of getting in touch with us.