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Weights and measures

We make sure that all weighing and measuring equipment used for trade is accurate.

We inspect all premises which use weighing and measuring equipment. These can range from shop scales to pub spirit measures, and petrol pumps to road and rail weighbridges.

We test and pass most new or repaired equipment before it is used for trade.

We investigate complaints where a customer has received 'short measure' or where inaccurate equipment is used.

We carry out visits to all manufacturers, packers and importers in Derbyshire. During these visits packages are checked, equipment tested and quality systems audited.

We give advice and assistance to all Derbyshire businesses to make sure that they abide by weights and measures legislation.

Metrology laboratory

We also run a  metrology laboratory which maintains standards of mass, length and capacity. These are all calibrated to national standards of accuracy.

As well as maintaining its own weights and measures, it provides a calibration and testing service.

This service is available to any organisation wishing to ensure the accuracy of their own weighing and measuring equipment. These could include items such as weights or length measures as well as pressure gauges and storage tank dipsticks.