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Food standards

You can find out more about food safety.

You can also download our food and feed policy and look at food alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency.

Food safety

We are responsible for making sure that food goods are properly labelled and that they meet certain compositional standards.

We deal with problems such as food which is wrongly described, of a poor quality or is sold past a 'use by' date.

We enforce a wide range of legislation which sets out detailed labelling requirements and standards of composition. These range from the meat content of pies, to the cocoa levels in chocolate, to the fruit and sugar levels in jams.

To make sure that these standards are met we carry out inspections at retail and catering establishments. During our visits we check labelling and we may take samples for testing by a public analyst.

Our officers also carry out inspections at producers, manufacturers, packers, distributors and wholesalers. We give advice and assistance to Derbyshire companies to help them comply with legislation and to improve their production systems.

Nursery nutrition

Our nursery nutrition guide has been developed to support nurseries and other childcare providers in Derbyshire.

The guide aims to help nurseries and childcare providers to supply nutritionally balanced meals by providing information on nutrition, menu planning and recipes as well as imparting good practice advice.

It contains information which will also be useful to parents of pre-school age children.