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Redeployment support

A range of support is available for those employees at risk or on notice of redundancy.

Where an employee is ‘individually at risk’ of, or on notice of redundancy the following support is available:

  • allocation of a redeployment officer to assist in seeking suitable alternative employment opportunities
  • placed on the redeployment register and notified of vacancies through job alerts
  • priority interview status for all vacancies, including ring fenced vacancies across the organisation (excluding promotions)
  • guaranteed interview status for vacancies involving a promotion
  • reasonable time off to attend internal and external interviews
  • reimbursement of excess interview mileage or fares for Derbyshire County Council jobs
  • application of pay protection, in accordance with the agreed policy, where an alternative role is accepted on a lower grade
  • application and interview support and guidance
  • careers counselling advice
  • access to employee counselling scheme
  • financial planning advice and guidance
  • reasonable time off for appropriate training
  • mentoring
  • training and development to support a career move
  • job shadowing experiences if available
  • taster experiences if available
  • statutory 4 week trial period if successful in securing a different job whilst on notice of redundancy
  • application of excess travel arrangements in accordance with the agreed scheme

Where an employee is ‘group at risk’ of redundancy, redeployment support is available including:

  • placed on the redeployment register and notified of vacancies through job alerts
  • guaranteed interview status (excluding promotions)
  • priority interview status for jobs within own organisational restructure on an equal footing with any ‘individually at risk’ candidates outside the restructure
  • application of pay protection, in accordance with the agreed policy, where an alternative role is accepted on a lower grade
  • offer of job shadowing experiences if available
  • access to employee counselling scheme
  • reasonable time off to attend internal interviews

Redeployment officer support

The redeployment officer will meet with employees who are ‘individually at risk’ on an individual basis. Their role is to:

  • provide assistance in identifying skills and strengths
  • discuss potential job types which may be of interest
  • ensure employees receive notification of our vacancies, internal and external (including those ring fenced in our organisational reviews)
  • assist in identifying potential alternative employment
  • advise on support available including relevant training
  • provide support in completing application forms
  • contact recruiting managers where applications have been submitted

Priority consideration in applying for vacancies

Employees who have been given 'priority interview status' should ensure their status is marked clearly on application forms when applying for vacancies.

Recruiting managers should consider whether a priority status candidate who does not meet the essential requirements of the job could do so with reasonable training and support (provided there are no essential or statutory qualification requirements).

Time off for interviews

'Individually at-risk' employees are entitled to paid time off to attend interviews, for both internal and external vacancies, to be agreed with their manager. Excess interview mileage or fares can be claimed.

Applying for jobs and interview skills workshop and career planning

A practical 3 hour workshop is provided to support people in selling themselves on application forms, CVs and at interview. This workshop is available through the National Careers Service team in children’s services. Further details are available from your HR team.

The NCS offers career planning support based on individual need. This can be via website, email, telephone or 1 to 1 intervention. There are a number of access points around the county which offer one-to-one career advice and support. For more information see YOUTHINC.

Support and training, including skills and personal development workshops are also available through the generic learning and development programme.

External careers websites

Skills for Care is the employer-led workforce development body for adult social care in England.

Job families and possible career paths

The job family role profiles describe the typical responsibilities, knowledge, skills and experience required for jobs at each grade in a job family and could help in identifying possible career paths. We have information on working in our many different services and functions.

Financial planning advice

Financial planning advice can be provided through an external provider, tel: 01629 536939 for more information.

The money advice service offers helpful advice. They also produce the redundancy handbook which is attached to this page.

Counselling service

Managers and redeployment officers will make employees aware of how to access this service.

Other advice

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) offers free, confidential and impartial advice on all employment issues.

If you are a member of a trade union, they can also provide advice or support.

Citizens Advice provides free independent advice on a broad range of issues including employment, benefits, debt.


A list of useful books is attached to this page. There are several copies of each title around the county.

This is only a small sample of the books that may be helpful. If your local library doesn't have a particular book, titles can be requested either in branch or via our online catalogue.

Library membership is free and you can join at any branch. Proof of address is needed (driving licence, bank statement, utility bill). Branch staff will be happy to assist in locating particular books.