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Searching for a job and setting up email alerts

When a vacancy goes live on our website (or any of our partner organisations) you can enter criteria to search for any live vacancies. You can then set up an automated email alert to bring relevant vacancies to your attention. 

Search for jobs

Creating a job search

To search go to the 'jobs home' page.

There are 3 options for a job search:

  1. Browse by category - choosing this option will show all the job categories in which we currently have vacancies. Choose the job category to see all the jobs in that area, for example 'administration/clerical'
  2. Browse by location - choosing this option will show all the locations where we currently have vacancies. Choose the location to see all the jobs in that area, for example 'Chesterfield'.
  3. Search jobs - This search displays all occupational groups and locations in the drop-down menus, not just those where we have jobs currently, so you can set up a search for possibilities which are not currently available but may be at other times. After entering a key word in the first box, you can select a job category and location from the next 2 boxes before choosing 'search'. There are further options on the page to narrow your job search down more precisely, including 'salary range', 'organisation', 'job term', and 'appointment type'. You can also set up searches which include multiple selections in each category, for instance jobs based in both Chesterfield and Bolsover or jobs in both catering and libraries.

Setting up email alerts

As long as you're logged into your account, once you've completed a search you can save it as an email alert by choosing 'get email alerts for jobs matching this search'. You will be asked to give the search a name and can set up as many different searches as you like. Once an alert is set up and an advert is placed on our website (or any of our partner organisations) that meets your criteria, an email alert will be sent to you.

If a range is entered into the salary value search, the results will show all jobs where the job salary range lies within the selected range. Jobs with a salary range start point that is the same as the search selection range end point will be included as will jobs with a salary range end point that is the same as the search selection range start point.

Your email address in your registration is used to send out email alerts, so it's important that you keep your registration details up to date.

Deleting email alerts

Log in, using your username and password. On 'my dashboard' scroll down to 'my email alerts'. If you have any email alerts set up, you will see them listed in this section. Click on the grey x next to the alerts you want to delete and you'll be given an option to delete it.

I haven't had any email alerts

Make sure you've set up an email alert on 'my dashboard' and, if you have, that your registration details have your current email address. Also check in your email's spam or junk folder.