Report a street light fault

Report a problem or fault with a street light, lamp, lit traffic sign or bollard.

Emergency street lighting faults

  • exposed cables
  • street light or illuminated sign that has been knocked down or has something hanging loose
  • a door missing.

Please report it immediately:

  • Call Derbyshire, tel: 01629 533190 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and between 9.30am and 4pm Saturday
  • Derbyshire Police, tel: 101 outside the hours listed above.

Please provide as much information as possible on the location of the fault so that we can sort out the problem quickly.

Never attempt to help by covering up or touching the wiring as you could electrocute yourself.

Information needed to report a fault

Each lamp and illuminated sign has a unique identification number stencilled on it, so it helps if you can give us these important details:

  • lamp (or illuminated sign) number 123456
  • street (or footpath from/to): Newbold Road
  • location: outside number 30, between number 38/40, opposite number 23
  • problem: lamp out or dim.

You can use this information to select the appropriate subjects on the following form and identify the correct lamp or sign on the map. 

This detail helps us to give the best possible service and keep our costs to a minimum.

Street light fault reporting form

Choose from the following options to report a light, sign or bollard that fault:

Street lighting fault reports

We are working to fix faulty street lights as quickly as possible. Currently this is taking an average of 28 days.

If a faulty light is due to be replaced with an LED upgrade during the next three months it may not be repaired.


    • If you are having trouble using the map to locate the position of the fault or request please see our self help guide for more information.

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    • Using the map

      Search button  Use the search box to find the location of a postcode, street, town or village as well as other relevant items (such as street lights). If you are using a device with GPS capability you will also have the option to use your current location.

       Layer switcher   Turn on or off different map layers. Switching to the aerial photo map may help to identify other landmarks.

      Zoom button  Zoom in by clicking on the map or using the + or - zoom buttons before selecting the location of the report or request.

      Mouse pointer  Click on the map to select a feature from the resulting list.

      Still having problems

      You can call Call Derbyshire on 01629 533190.


    If you are unable to use the map to identify the location of the report or request please provide as much detail as possible about its location.


    Please provide as much detail as possible in your report including the time and date that you observed the issue.

    Please provide as much detail as possible about your report
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    Saved reports

    No reports have been saved. Please click on the map to identify the location of the fault.

    If you would like to include a photo of a fault please add it now.

    If you wish to make a change delete the fault in the list below and then locate and identify the fault on the map.

      Do you want to report anything else?

      If you'd like to send additional reports or requests please repeat the steps above before submitting this form.

      Can we contact you?

      In case we need a bit more information to respond to your report or request it would be useful to have a method of contacting you.

      Your details will not be passed on to any other outside agencies.

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      If you provide an email address we will send you a confirmation of this report or request.

      This email address will also be used if you allow us to contact you if we need further information.


      Check to see that you have provided clear and accurate information.

      If we cannot find your fault and you do not want to be contacted we may not be able to resolve it. Please consider this when submitting your report or request.

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