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Woodville to Swadlincote regeneration route

We're working with South Derbyshire District Council to deliver the Woodville to Swadlincote regeneration route.

The first section of the new road link has already been constructed as part of the successful ‘Woodville Woodlands’ housing development, taking traffic from the A511 Ashby Road as far as Occupation Lane. The remaining section to be delivered by us would complete the link from Occupation Lane to the A514 Swadlincote Road.

A map of the general arrangement and location of the regeneration route is attached to this page.

The regeneration route

This project aims to unlock the development potential of the Woodville regeneration area which is located adjacent to the route within the Swadlincote urban area in South Derbyshire District. The project requires public intervention in the form of government grant to make it viable given that it crosses an area of former open cast and deep mine workings which have been poorly backfilled with mixed fill. The regeneration area is considered as being fundamental to the future prosperity of Swadlincote by providing much needed commercial space and 300 new homes, creating 3,100 jobs (plus construction jobs).

The regeneration route would also form an important component of Derbyshire’s transport infrastructure by providing an alternative route for traffic accessing the town of Swadlincote, and also for east-west journeys between the M1/A42/M42 and A38/A50 trunk roads.

Journey times along the A511 are currently impeded at the A511/A514 clock roundabout leading to chronic congestion and a higher than average accident record. The regeneration route will relieve some of the congestion by greatly improving the accessibility of Swadlincote to the wider strategic and major road networks.

The route also has the potential to provide additional economic benefits to and boost investor confidence within Woodville and Swadlincote by enabling reduced and consistent journey times.

Planning process

We gained planning consent for the regeneration route on 23 December 2019. We sought modifications to its consent following objections raised at the compulsory purchase order (CPO) and side roads orders (SRO; collectively ‘the orders’) inquiry in January 2020.

The application is yet to be determined. Details can be found on our planning portal.

Compulsory purchase and side roads orders

We began a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to acquire land on which to build the project due to the realisation that a negotiated agreement might not be reached with all landowners within the grant funding window.

At the same time, we began a side roads orders (SRO) to make changes to the public highway, giving a legal status for the new road when completed.

Public enquiry

A public inquiry was held in January 2020 at which an inspector considered the arguments for and against the project proceeding. The pages in this section give access to the confirmation of the orders, the inspector’s report and associated consented CPO and SRO drawings.

Construction Work

Construction work started on 26 October 2019 and will take an estimated 40 weeks to complete. The contractor will start work in a number of areas:

  • building the new road north-westwards from Occupation Lane
  • widening and building sections of retaining wall within Kiln Way
  • demolishing part of the Woodville Business Centre on Woodhouse Street
  • building the new roundabout junction south of Derby Road

Eventually the road will link through from Occupation Lane to Kiln Way to allow access for business, while Kiln Way is reconstructed in section between accesses. Finally, the tie-ins on the Derby Road roundabout will complete the highway connections. Links to the detailed route proposals are below.

The road will comprise a 7.3m carriageway suitable for all forms of motor traffic. A shared pedestrian and cycle route will be installed along the northern side of the road with additional shared facilities around the roundabout junctions. An off road cycle facility will therefore exist from the A511 Ashby Road along Hepworth Road, the new road and Derby Road as far as the signal junction with Morrisons. New planted areas will be installed to separate the carriageway from the footways. Biodiversity improvements both on the highway and areas in the vicinity will be undertaken to mitigate that lost through the road being built.


The project will cost approximately £13.44 million to build with funding from a number of sources:

  • £6.4 million D2N2 grant
  • £620,00 from S106 contributions

The difference will be funded by ourselves.

Contact us

if you have any queries about what is happening on the road construction site, you should contact:

If you have a more general query about the project, you should contact: