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Permanent traffic lights

Permanent traffic signals and pedestrian crossings are placed on the county’s roads to help with traffic management, to reduce road accidents and reduce the hazards that face all road users.

We're responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of traffic signals, pedestrian and cycle crossings.

Report a traffic light fault

Report a traffic light fault

You can also tel: 01629 538625. This number is regularly monitored night and day so that we can respond immediately to faults on busy junctions.

Please give us as much information on the location of the traffic lights and what the problem is.

Urgent faults

We aim to attend urgent faults within 2 hours. Urgent faults are:

  • all lights are out
  • lights stuck on red or green
  • red pedestrian or vehicles light out
  • there is a risk of electrocution from exposed wires
  • pedestrians crossing lights change without demand
  • lights not responding to pedestrian demand
  • reports of excessive delays as a result of possible fault

Urgent depending on severity

A fault could be urgent if:

  • the signal head is out of alignment and likely to cause confusion
  • wires are exposed and causing a trip hazard or risk of electrocution
  • a road traffic accident has damaged the signals or camera and poses a risk to others
  • a traffic signal or camera has been vandalised and results in a possible hazard

Non-urgent faults

Non-urgent faults will be assessed within 8 hours. Non-urgent faults are:

  • amber lamp out
  • push button lamp fault
  • electric warning sign fault
  • push button unit damaged
  • green pedestrian or vehicle light out
  • cap missing from the top of the pole

Request a new pedestrian crossing or traffic signals

We are pro-active in identifying safe places for pedestrians to cross the road and locations for traffic signals to improve traffic management. We also receive many requests each year for new crossings.

These sites are surveyed and the results compared with national criteria to identify the locations which would benefit most from the installation of signals or a crossing. Not all sites are suitable. The factors measured are the number of people crossing the road, the amount of traffic, the safety record on the road near to the site and local features such as hospitals, schools and shops.

The worst sites receive priority attention subject to funding being available.

For more information contact:

  • Amber Valley, Erewash and South Derbyshire tel: 01629 538609
  • Derbyshire Dales and High Peak tel: 01629 538176
  • Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover tel: 01629 538579
  • Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190 or email: